Terribly nervous, anxious, depressed...what have you. I'm 34

Terribly nervous, anxious, depressed...what have you. I'm 34 years/male/single. Currently unemployed. On Suboxone for 3 years now. I was just let go from my job. I hated it so I'm trying to be happy about it. I'm starting school in two weeks, for the first time since high school. Lost my girlfriend of just over 3 years. I kind of tricked her into liking me but I really didn't mean to. I just really thought she was here to save me. Now I don't have insurance to pay for treatment. I have come down myself from 2 and 1/2 pills a days down to less than 1/2 today. Could really use someone who knows something about this detox. I need to be done with this YESTERDAY! I'll talk to someone every **** day if I can. Thanks for your time whoever is listening.

Would medicaid help you pay for your treatment?

I will definitely look into that. I just really want to be done with this as I fear the longer I’m here then the harder it will be. I feel like it’s helped a lot. I haven’t cheated myself at all. I’m kind of in a tight spot. Trying to stay motivated and excited is hard to keep a strong mindset. Thanks for your time.

It is especially when you tell the doctor and your therapist you have to see every month that you can no longer afford treatment and they say, "well, I hope to see you next time". These programs I feel do not truly care about the patients. Even if they are non-profit like this one. If they did then they would try and find any outlet to help these people that cannot afford this treatment that cost 400$/month without insurance. It makes me sick and hurts. I understand some people don't care to get better they just want to feel better about it. I'm functioning and decent and pay taxes and get zero free assistance from the government or state because I'm single, zero dependents, and make 40k/year (which is not a lot these days) when you have 1600$/bills every month. 50+hours a week in a tough blue collar work environment. Since I was old enough to work... everyday of my life I don't take days off and a steady work career. Can't even get any free grants or scholarships for me to go to school which is another 20k loan. It's so hard to stay positive in this world we live in. Sorry for talking your ear off I'm just tired anymore. Hope is a long shot.

keep working down to less and less, and you may want to try "Kratom" as well, but make sure you don't get hooked on that like the subs (and the origin DOC that lead you to taking subs, either pills or powder I am guessing)
Kratom is a powder made from plants, that you can ingest in various ways, most popular is in TEA, and it has been said to REALLY REALLY help with detox. It is not "actually an opiate" but effects your brain in the same way. So if you use it, only use just enough for 1.5 -3 weeks JUST TO GET OFF THE SUBS.. etc..

I’ve tried kratom years ago but never as working to detox. Just reading about it a little today. Generally was taking only tramadol for years. Never benzos or any other script regular. I’ve tried to detox myself countless times and failed to make it past a whole week. I don’t wish anyone have to go through it. Always had a little Mary Jane or alcohol but always had will power and never really had appeal to it. Trying to train my mind that same way. It’s tuff.- I appreciate it.@JustDavid

I dont think your dose that quickly will be good. Detox from subs can be brutal. Id look into some sort of public insurance, medicaid or a federal program. You may qualify for free ins. Id do anything to avoid big jumps down with subs.