Texas update

hi friends... we are still in texas and fly home tomorrow morning. if you have followed my facebook rants you know that this trip has been nuts! Flight drama coming in...my husbands grandfather is still in failing health and when we were going to visit him yesterday in the ICU I tripped off a curb walking INTO the hospital right outside of the ER...

sooo.... four hours later... found out i tore a bunch of tendons in my ankle and am now on crutches for at least a week... Everything that could possibly go wrong has!

MY ED voice flipped out inside my head... no working out!!! need to eat solids to not get sick of pain meds... and now i can't take my anxiety meds if I'm on pain meds... and now I'm basically an emotional and medicated mess. I've been able to eat some but am deathy afraid that I'm going to gain weight. i feel it getting stronger and stronger... so scary.

anyway... just a piece of my world right now. ugh.


So sorry its all so rough right now! Sometimes it really does feel like when it rains it actually poors!

Hang in there sweety. You need to eat especially with the meds otherwise you risk other problems aswell, and that would only add to all the mess...

Its good that you can let it out some by writting here.
I know its really difficult but please Hang in there.

Sending you stregnth!

All my Love

oh my gosh LA, im soooo sorry! when it rains, it pours, but at least you were outside a hospital whe you fell,

im soo sorry.... try to stay positive and make sure you have people around who love and support you. and i wish the best for you husbands grandfather.

take care


LA: I have been in that position before (injured, can't work out) and all I can say is you will get through it, it goes quickly and you won't gain much if any weight. Sometimes it's good for the body just to rest... can't say I would not be freaking out either! But I have been through it several times and it's never as bad as you think it will be.
Hang in there honey!

we are so emotionally drained and now that i'm thinking about it - my arms are ganna be super buff from using crutches! lol


LA...at least you are thinking of one good thing!
I am sorry that all of this is going on, and that you are injured. I hope you are able to get through this trip and get home safely....please get some help for yourself! I am worried about how prominent this ED has gotten in your mind again....fight dear friend!! Sending you HUGS...Jan ♥


Ouch!! :0/ I'm so sorry!! Yes, you'll have super buff arms~ But likely aren't up for a car ride. ;0) That's okay... Take care of YOU and your family right now. We'll meet... One day soon, I hope. ♥

Thinking of you!