Texting before bed affects sleep

texting and using cell phones before going to sleep can affect how you sleep and your mood:

"It may be time for you to put you cellphone aside before going to bed for it might affect your sleep and moods, according to a new study.

Text messaging and other electronic communication media were linked to excessive movement during sleep, insomnia, and leg pain at night in students ages 8 to 22, Dr. Peter G. Polos of JFK Medical Center in Edison, N.J., and colleagues found.

The report linked "high rates of daytime cognitive or mood problems ... including ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties," with late-night usage of mobiles and other electronic media."

read more here: http://www.andhranews.net/Health/2010/Texting-before-bed-affects-sleep-m...

i believe this is kids, but i wonder if the same applies to adults. i’m sure that is texting affects children’s sleep then the same must apply to adults, but who knows.

i'm sure there has to be some affect on adults too