TGIF! How's the weather where you are? We are having rainy

How's the weather where you are?
We are having rainy, windy weather but that's okay! It makes for good naps or enjoying a blanket with a hot drink.
What's everyone having for dinner?
I'm craving a hamburger or Japanese bento box. It has been awhile since I had take out so that sounds good. What about you?

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It's very cold, dark, and very windy in NYC. Trying not to eat though...been having a nervous stomach all day. Though I'll probably have hot tea later while wrapped in a blanket.

@Jdyankee windy? I love this weather it isn’t that bad lol

It's windy where I am. But it is nice. My mood isn't very good so I guess nothing is very enjoyable to me right now even the weather,

@Jdyankee I’m guessing Queens. You don’t have to answer but if you are saying NYC that’s my guess lol. In sorry to hear that. How is your journal going?

REALLY windy in my area of Hawaii, rain clouds are com ing in and its starting to mist.

@TennisPlayer Where I am is cool, windy, cloudy, and dismal. I needed some sunlight, vitamin D, please. For the past few days it has been liked this. Oh well I am having macaroni and cheese,bake chicken, and a fresh salad.