Thank you ALL for your responses - I appreciate the differen

Thank you ALL for your responses - I appreciate the difference in perspective very much. It helps to see your suggestions coming from different perspectives. Today for the first tube I am having moments if strength. I realize that he is the lucky one because darn it, I'm a good catch! I'm true and loving. I cannot think for him anymore. His decision is his. I look and feel good (I know I will continue to have painful ups and downs, but for any moments of strength I have - I'll take them!). I'm going out with a good friend tonight. I look and feel good. I may break down if I see her...! But again at this present moment, I have strength. And this present moment, is all I've got. Yesterday is gone and I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Thank you all again, I definitely pull strength from you.

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We are all here for you to talk and vent when ever you need to. You are not alone in this. Your feelings and emotions are normal. Sending prayers for healing to you, God Bless, Butterflyfree xx

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@Butterflyfree Thank you so much. Your prayers and support - I feel them very much. Thank you…


I'll have some of what he's having...

Good for you, you are right in everything you say. Enjoy your evening.

You are so deserving of this! So proud of you. You are beautiful! You matter! You need this. Thank you for posting. We can all gather strength for your optimism. You have paid your dues. Have a terrific time! Do not let ANYTHING spoil this. If you see her, do not stoop to her level. Do NOT give her a thought. She is nothing! That way you win. You deserve to win! ((Hugs))