Thank you for those who responded to my posting on whether a therapist was helpful!

Hello everyone,

After receiving your responses on how/if a therapist REALLY was helpful in the end I decided to make an apt with one for next week. I have to admit I am SO excited. I haven't been in therapy for over 10 years. I am HOPEFUL this is the extra push I will need. Also, my insurance is covering it 100% - this is a true blessing from GOD. Thank you SO MUCH!

I was very skeptical before.

I'll follow up with posts after my first appointment. I KNOW I need to give it time and I know finding the "right therapist" for me is important.

Hopeful to be on the path to DELETE b/p from her life!!

Thats great news :) Keep us updated!

wow this is so great to hear--!!!!!!!! i am so happy for yo and glad you did it--trust me yo wont regret it and from here on---you are ona great path to recovery!!!!!!!!

yay to you!!