Thank you! I work in Two Casinos at the moment besides w

Thank you!

I work in Two Casinos at the moment besides working construction remodeling.
I see first hand everyday the money and the hours of time people waste on this addiction. The faces of people that are there each day spending money they CAN'T afford to lose.
I've seen people lose their cars, homes, jobs and family. I've even seen a few go to prison.... A very sad outcome.

Unlike drugs and alcohol, which you can only buy and consume so much. If you have a million dollars. You can lose a million dollars in 3 minutes.

I hope we can all add support and advice to each other in this group.

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I hope so too! this is an addiction like any other. and full of sad outcomes.

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Sad too are people that win huge amounts. And within two years they are broke and often bankrupt.

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@jim111, I have seen a couple, probably married trying to make up their rent. It was past midnight and their starving kids were begging to go home. On another front, I saw it destroy a friends life. He was an ace blackjack player, until they started serving the free booze. He literally has lost everything, now living on the streets. Yeah, it hurts to see.