Thanks for all the support girls, I have driven hubby crazy

Thanks for all the support girls, I have driven hubby crazy these past few days. I was hospitalized for pancreatitis and got released just a couple hours ago, Cuz of covid he could not visit, lots of phone calls, though. My pancreas now haas a cyst on it, but is not cancer or anything ...just really painful....more tests to come, but glad to be home.....He says he won't leave, but i want him to complete his last 2 deployments, I have friends to help, if I need. Hope I did n't miss too much, but too exhaisted to check in too much further right now. Keep strong, I will too.....lots of care to all.

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Uh oh.... so glad you are back home Stanley! I know how painful that is because my sister in law is going thru it right now.
There are several ways to help pancreatitis at home which are
Limiting fried, greasy and high fat foods, daily exercise (very important,) and no alcohol.
Increasing your antioxidant intake can help and raising intake of omega 3s (foods like salmon, sardines, herring, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseed.)
The supplement fish oil 1200mg a day can help tremendously!
Hope this helps sweetie...take care of you! Glad hubby is home with you!,

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@mechele Sorry your sister in law is going thru it as well, I can relate to the pain…WOW talk about pain. I am on a clear food diet for awhile, like fluids, jello, broths etc. then will build up. Never had so much juice and herbal tea in my life…but it helps. I will try the fishes soon, Mechele, Thanks for the advice.
I hope you are not working too hard and get some rest on the weekend.
this wasn’t my first attack so I kind of know the drill…but it wipes you out. It should calm and if not, they said to come back and they will put me thru all their treatments again…so just resting with the hubby.
Thanks for the care Mechele and take good care of yourself. I will check in later on this evening on others, this was enough for now. Hugs and care.

Oh my, i wish you fast recovery!

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@bebobaBetty Thanks Betty. Up in pain, but coping. How are you feeling these dAYS ?
Still hot/humid here which affects