Thanks for letting me join the group. My husband passed away

Thanks for letting me join the group. My husband passed away 4 months ago from pancreatic cancer. He battled this horrible disease for 10 months he kept a positive attitude and we prayed for a miracle. In the last few weeks I could see a change, he was so weak and had lost so much weight. His "will" stayed strong but his body had been through so much. We were married for 40 years and went everywhere together. I'm so lost without him, miss him so much everyday. Thanks for listening.

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dee2014 welcome to the club. sorry you need to be here. i was only with my husband 14 years and a couple months. but we did everything possible together also. i miss having him near to hear the unimportant things i want to verbalize. i miss reaching over to touch him. i miss holding him when he felt bad and trying to kiss the bad away.

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Dee2014 I lost my husband 17 months ago heart attach we were married 42 years he was the love of my life, it is so hard without we did every thing together too my neighbor even said it made her sad to see me out because we were always out working in the yard or leaving in the car together!! I feel so lost and alone!1 With God's help I have made it but it is a day by day thing and sometimes even a moment by moment thing!! I have had days I could not even get dressed or out of bed and other days I felt I had to get out of the house or I would scream never know how the next will be!!! So many thing to take care of that I would have never dreamed I would be doing alone!!! I can say it is a little better than the first year but I still have my times of tears and hard to be alone!!! The holidays are getting to me now it will be our g-sons first Christmas and he will never see him the baby came home from the hospital on the annv. date of my husband's death I tried to act ok in front of my son and wife but cried all the way home they named him after my husband!!! Days like this just break my heart we have 5 g-kids and he loved them so much!!! My heart goes out to you it is a tough journey!!!!!

Thank you for the welcome. I do have two sons, but they are busy with their own families. I also have friends for support, but I hate to bother them I'm so down all the time. i know what you mean about not wanting to get dressed or out of bed it's so tough. I knew this was a bad cancer and I would lay next to him at night and quietly cry thinking I can't imagine life without him in it. I found you can't prepare for this kind of hurt. No one could understand unless they've been there, I knew this might be a place to share.

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Hi Dee, I, too, lost my husband to pancreatic cancer 2 months ago. He battled it for 15 months, so long that it didn't even seem real to us. Then one day the doctor said it had spread and they were calling in hospice. It only took 19 days for him to die. It was like falling off a cliff. People keep telling me that I'll survive, but it's hard to believe at this point, isn't it?

@Dee2014, 3748w, and Sharon 1957 - On December 11th, it will be my 7th Christmas without my husband. We were married a little over 39 years and he was my everything. I am still not over the pain. My four children have moved on with their lives. Although I keep busy, I feel as if I have been living in a state of emotional limbo. You hear that it will get better in time. My question is how much time? Don't get me wrong. I have had some okay to good days, but not like the ones when my husband was alive. He could always make me laugh even when our world was literally falling apart. My worse day married is still much better than my best day as a widow. Take care.

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Oh my,how terribly sad. My husband died two weeks ago.i am in awful pain. I miss him desperately.i am scared. I have so manynthings that have to be taken care of. I have wonderful supportive friends but can't help wonder how long they can be so wonderful and supportive. I am needy and I know it. I hope I get to the other side of this pain as it is hurting me in so many ways.

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Lushee - It will take a long time before you feel anything close to your old self. It will get worse before it gets any better, but it will ultimately get better over time. It took me three years to feel somewhat human again, but that does not mean that things like songs, places, and special dates do not "trigger" emotional feelings when you least expect it. Take it one day at a time and take extra care of yourself.

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I hope this pain doesn't get worse. I won't be able to take it. I am already exhausted. I still keep putting one foot in front of the other to get everything done. I never knew how much had to be taken care of upon ones death. I hear you about missing your husband so much. I am right next to you. Laura

@Lushee lost my wife 10 months ago and it is worse no than ever.i tried to keep busy in the beginning but that only last so long.all this snow in the north east hasn’t helped being stuck in the house .I hope when the nicer weather comes going outside will give me more to do with my time. hang in there I know it will get better its just when.wishing you all good thoughts remember all the good times you once had.

I just sent a post saying I would support you,probably sent it three times because I have not yet figured out how this works. I finally have a reprieve from the constant pain. Did you say you feel better? I can't stop crying for most of the day yet I still function. When I go to memories it cause me more sadness,because he just died.

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@Lushee today I finally had a good cry.ive been so angry at everyone and don’t know why.maybe this is the beginning of the healing process.enough about me I am so sorry for your loss I know how you feel and hopefully we can help each other get through this difficult time. Things will get easyer with time.if you need to chat I’m her for you