Thanksgiving pt.2 Okay....not your standard Thanksgiving, b

Thanksgiving pt.2
Okay....not your standard Thanksgiving, but a very good one. I was busy feeling sorry for myself when a friend messaged me and insisted that I come and have dinner with her family at the orchard packing house nearby.
She is vegan, most there were also...or at least vegetarian. Three people were designated to bring turkey dishes, but everything else was prepared by my friend. There were at least two dozen side dishes...all alpha-gal safe. I have never seen such bounty!
This season is a difficult one for me, as it is for others, but the generous invitation to good food (all safe) and welcoming laughter made the day for me.
I am more richly blessed than I have ever deserved.

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Wow I am so glad that you went out my friend. We do have friends that care and love us. This is amazing to see this morning it made my morning. So glad John xo

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