The caffeine headache finally ended last night around 1am, t

The caffeine headache finally ended last night around 1am, today I feel alive again. I managed to fast till 7pm, 2 hours past the goal! Eating made the headache worse, but hey... I was hungry, lol. This weeks goal is getting back to the fasting lifestyle, and next weeks goal will be adding exercise. I live on the 3rd floor and walk to get groceries, carry them back too, but that's only maybe once a week. With this virus, not as often. So, with the fluffy carpet here, I'm hoping pilates won't hurt my back as much. Ever having my daughter, some of the bones in my lower back are further apart and the roll up move hurts alot. So, I'm crossing my fingers.

Question: When to add yoga?

My body is pretty week compared to when I did pilates and yoga everyday, so I'm worried yoga will drain me, any suggestions on how long I should wait after starting pilates to start doing yoga too?

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i’m glad your headaches gone. Nice job. Do you like doing Pilates and yoga? Because first I would say do something you like. And then I would say listen to your body for the signals. If it hurts then stop. ;-)

Right now, I have a serious caffeine headache. I was doing good the previous 3 weeks, with decaf., then this week got so busy and I was falling asleep standing up and almost fell asleep driving, so I started drinking flavored coffees with sugar and cream. Now, my head has been pounding for 9 hours and counting. I don't know what to have when I am so tired. I am an employee who drives far to work; farther then my coworkers. I have no family or friends to cheer me up and give me positive energy. My thoughts are negative and totally make me drowsy and toxic. My work can care less, and my outer family does not understand. It is only caffeine, but it does have a relationship with headaches. I just figured that out this year. My muscles get weak and tired because I am not getting enough activity. I have to do something soon, and start looking for a replacement drink. Maybe sparkling water.

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@Christine5 I understand how you feel. I empathize completely.
I stopped caffeine almost 2 months now. Since I’m not addicted anymore, I can have a green tea but it is rare. And not that great when I have it.
So this is my suggestion.
Start detoxing on the last day you work and have a day or 2 off. When it’s time to go back to work you will be on day 3or 4 hopefully. This is when it will be the worst so expect that and do your best with a replacement. I know L-tyrosine stimulates the brain.
You will get your natural energy back after 7 days. Even if you have a psychological craving , you have physically detoxed. And on that day, you could have one green tea and then skip the next day.
You want to break your physical habit and psychological habit.
So you don’t want to allow it everyday and you want to replace it with something else.
2 tips I have. This is what I do.
1.)Lemon water first thing.
2.) celery juice with my juice machine.
The cluster salts in celery restore your health. You can get rid of your headache.
If you want to look at @medicalmedium info to find out more. He has many social media platforms. It can be a lot of info and overwhelming, so don’t stress.
I’m already 2 months in without caffeine and this is what I do. Just start doing these 2 things.

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