The Challenge really Begins!

So, this morning I got paid again. I do not go to the Casino if I have no money and my credit cards are maxed! The problem always comes when I do have money and it is at my fingertips! Today is that day. I have a ton of stuff to do after work, like get Christmas food and Santa gifts for my baby; however, when I'm all done I pass by the casino to go home, and there is no way around it. SIgh. I can do this. This addiction is going away whether it likes it or not!!! For those that pray please pray for me today and for the rest of this week and next. Each day I have money will be a struggle.
My challenge for the day is to NOT go to the Casino.

I know you can do it, I have faith in your strength. I know the urge is so strong right now, but think of the money you would spend and all the other things you can do with it. You are stronger than your addiction!

Thank you for your encouragement. I did resist! I seriously felt like an anxiety attack was coming on as I drove past the casino! I kept thinking NO NO NO NO! As I drove past I saw an accident up ahead and that helped deter my thinking long enough for the Casino to fade in my rearview! I'm home now and as long as I have my pj's on I will not go anywhere!!! :) Another day down.

That is great that you drove past it. It is weird how our brains work. It comes up with excuses why to go. Stay in your PJs. It does work. Yesterday i started thinking about going while I was in my car. I turned up the music and it sort of went away. It was enough to go home. Maybe something like that could help. Tomorrow you will do the same will not gamble becuase you don't gamble any more.

Stay strong.

I hope you fought the urge today too! Good Luck praying for you!

I DID I DID!!! I fought the urge and it was because we are going to church tonght for our Christmas Service. I didn’t want to smell like smoke…:frowning: Isn’t it funny how I was able to NOT go because I didn’t want people to think differently of me smelling like smoke but NOT because it is good for me…Maybe one day my thinking will change. How are you doing?

No casino today! Day 1 again but I am ready for the challenge

No casino for me too. Way to go for us. I know what you feeling about the smoke thing. I think it is a mark that I went to the casino. I use to sit in the non-smoking just to hide it more that i was gambleing. That is great that you guys didn't go.

Merry Christmas to us! We are doing amazing no matter what day it is!!!! Keep staying strong and remember we are BETTER than our addictions! We are more deserving of a better life!!! So let's live it to the fullest!!!

Well today broke me...I went to the casino. I wasn't able to resist today. I actually told myself I should stop in and give my "bartender" a good tip for Christmas! That was my excuse for going today! I gave her a good tip but I also stayed and played for a few hours, for most of you who gamble, a few hours can mean a LOT of money...380 to be exact! In 2 hours it was gone and thank GOD I had to go and pick my daughter up from school cause who knows how much I would have ended up spending. Fail! I am pretty disappointed that I was weak! I pray for strength.

Tomorrow is a new day. We tend to make ourselves foget the bad moments of gambling. We make ourselves remember the good times. Why does our brains want us to make up all of theses excuses? Tomorrow is a new day and it is going to be a non gambling day. i wonder if saying “Today I am not going to gamble” would work. Hmmm im going to have to try that. At least you only spent that much. You can do it. You’re a strong person and you have all of us here to back you up.

Today is a new day don't beat yourself up! Don't fall back into the slump. Remember how bad you felt after you went. I was laying in bed thinking this morning this week would have been a normal time for me to go. Christmas eve and New Years eve then I remembered how I hated going on New Years because it was so blooming crowded. Well I don't have to worry this year I won't be there.

Stay Strong! I pray for everyone everyday for strength to make the right decision.

I will have to figure out a way to remind myself of how much I HATE losing a lot of money and how guilty I feel afterwards. Good luck to you too and Thanks.

Every moment is a new opportunity to change things and make your life better. Today IS a new day, and yesterday is done. This will be a everyday struggle for a while, but you will come out on the other side much better than before. This is a new time in your life, you don't gamble anymore, remember?

You’re right…I don’t gamble anymore! Today is a new day. Thanks MK910