The closet smells like mothballs

hello. im kinda new so im just writeing this and hopeing someone will respond . im 14 and havent "come out of the closet" yet. my bf tells me i should tell people but im scared to do so. just looking for some advice .


And welcome to Support Groups, this website has been extremely helpful to me and I hope you find it just as helpful.

I can understand that you are scared, but being honest about what you truly want in life and who you truly are is so important. You shouldn't feel like you need to hold back, express yourself and allow yourself to reach out and enjoy what you have. You have nothing to be ashamed of and I guess in your own time you will find the confidence to share this with your family or friends.

Be honest with yourself which is most important. It is not for others to judge us on the choices we make or how we live our lives as long as you are happy.

I hope this is helpful, hang in there and be kind to yourself.

Talk soon :)

i feel like if i tell people im bi they will think less of me. i would feel better if there were any other gay/bisexual guys besides me and my bf in my area.

and i have this friend named jesse and i really like him , hes attractive and we are best friends, we are alike in all the right ways but we arnt like clones we have diffrences that make our friendship interesting. but hes straight and i dont know what to do about him . i want to be friends but if we keep being friends i feel like i wont be able to think of him as just a friend ,ya know?