The cupcakes are driving me nuts! Have started throwing t

The cupcakes are driving me nuts!!!
Have started throwing them out one by one so he'll think I ate them.
Is a waste of food but is for a very good cause.

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Evil cupcakes. ;)

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@Inmylittleroom clever! Lol.. perfect …so now we can get ready for our cleanse.
Setting up our kitchen for success. Only have the things that we want to consume in our house. This used to not work for me but it was only because I wasn’t really committed. I wanted to have all of those things around just in case. Well there’s no more just in case. Those are not options. I have better options.

I’m going to the store later to restock on my celery. It is not something that I have to enjoy. Even though I do like it now. It is medicine.

I always buy lemons to juice , to put in my water. I buy cilantro because I juice that to put in my heavy metal detox smoothie that I make. (Cilantro pulls heavy metals out of your brain)
Or you can skip this if you’re not interested in that part.
Water is crucial.
And lemon in the water alkalines it and brings life back into it. Also putting it in the sun does the same as well. Always think about getting as much water in as you can. The best way is to keep some in the refrigerator so it’s cold.

The is a morning routine to start day right. And if you don’t have time, do it later.
I’m going to start carrying my water bottle around with me everywhere I go so I always have water. Most important thing right now for me to remember. Because I have days I do well and then it goes right out the window. We know that.


The only way i could control how much I ate in the past was how much was in the house. (I use to be a binge eater.)
Was forced to rethink that plan when I moved in with a food hoarder. The irony. Lol.

now back to those evil cupcakes.
He almost caught me throwing one out. Was able to when he left the room. And I licked my fingers. But it was calorie-free finger--licking.

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There is only one left. It’s a Cupcake vs The Eater stand off.
Who will win?
This going to be close. After the calorie-free finger-licking inident The Eater is drooling.
Stay tuned sports fans. It’s time for our station bresk.