The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. I guess that would mean I'm insane. I want so much to change my ways but have no motivation to do it. And honestly, the thought of changing it scares me. This is all so confusing to me. I have no idea where to start. There are soooo many things I need to change. Ugh... It's overwhelming

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I so get it. I'm so depressed and know something has to change but have no motivation to do it. I'd rather just be asleep so I don't have to face it.

Well color me insane

When you find a more appropriate term, let me know. I don't like the term either and I surely don't like to think of myself as being insane. We need a more positive term... Redundance... Monotony... Repetitive... Counter productivity...idk

Thank you for sharing and at times I've felt the same partly so now. But I have become determined to change things around I can no long live in the way I am now. Trying to figure out the right steps or just a couple steps period. Hope that u find a way.

my question is how do you begin the change when you fear it even though the life you are living is miserable at the moment and lonely

@lynard4 that’s a good question. Haven’t figured that one out yet. I’m stuck. It’s been so long since I’ve felt good.

I mostly fear that even if I try to change or change things nothing with happen. But honestly doing nothing leads to nothing. I'm learning even if I try and it doesn't go the way I want, brush ur self off and try something else. I know its hard. It won't be easy or right away.

For me, my change is my mom is dying. Sad, that at age 51, my mom has to die for me to look at my addiction once and for all with alcohol. My mom's last and only dying wish of me is to stop drinking. So sad she won't be here to see me sober. I can't stop crying and don't want to deal with this depression. Due to my many addictions, I lost my kids, my friends, my self respect and now my mom. For me, it's time to change because I can't deal with this kind of pain anymore. I just want to die with my mommy! Have to go get more Kleenex now.

@arms oftheangel i totally get the addiction thing. it's really hard but we know alcohol is a depressant and only makes one feel worse after. Have you tried AA? really welcoming and supportive and non judgmental

Any start is a good start. And ur mother putting that in ur heart, let that be it moviation, and if she is not here to see it. U will know. And she will be with u. Even though I don't suffer from alcoholism I understdnd the need to do things to take the pain away. U can do it. With time and help.

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