The doctors have decided with my very complicated women's he

The doctors have decided with my very complicated women's health issues. Now is the time to start trying to get pregnate. Will start fertility treatment Dec. 1st. What do you think? What's the best way to try or some tips?

Relax and let it be...sometimes trying so hard, puts things at arms length. I wish you well and positive results.

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@K9lover very wise thank you!

Not that progesterone isn't a part of infertility treatment, just that it shouldn't be taken with a proper consult. A lot of things like follicular studies and hormonal assays have to be performed prior to starting treatment and using a progesterone cream can certainly interfere with those studies and cause problems with treatment

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I will be getting the right mix of mess in the fertility treatment. I will not be adding extra progesterone. I'm trying to trust the doctors. They said it will be closely monitored with blood test. Man it's hard stuff when you are unable to get pregnate on your own. More science than the art of baby making;)

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