The Emotional vacuum

Something that's never fully returned with me,is my old
emotions.Sure I feel everything sad,or blue..or numb.
However the good emotions seem lost.I miss elation.I miss
joy.Currently I'm on Abilify..Cymbalta..and Seroquel..
Sometimes I'll even take a Melatonin tablet during the
daytime to calm down a bit.I don't think it's the meds
slowing things down..It just comes with the territory..
at least in my case.Can anyone else identify?

--have a good day--

It's three-fifteen in the morning here.I have frquent bouts
of insomnia..sometimes only getting four hours of rest per
night.I'm emotionally drained.

Sorry..dozed off for a moment.

I used to suscribe to the theory that I would choose QUALITY of life..over QUANTITY.

..but who says I deserve anything? except humble pie.
just being realistic..

Is there a poetry section here?---Polaris

HI Polaris,
I am up every day only two or three hours after I first went to bed…for the duration of the night. Sleep is terribly interrupted but I think it is really due more to pain than to anything else ( I have multiple other physical problems which are destroying my spine and joints,…so paiin keeps me awake 10 days out of 11) I will literally go for a month on less than 60 hours of sleep. NO one can function this wway for long…
I used to fiind the long nights alone distressful, largely because Iam in so much pain, and it is lonely to suffer alone…but then I met some people in the UK and in the philippines or new Zealand , and I can often talk to them in these hours. God bless the discoverer/inventer of the internet! I think I would quickly despair if I had to endure this alone.

And you are not alone either…some of us are here in these lonely hours as well. Just give a yell outfor help.
I agree that there should be a place to post our poetry and read the work of others. Cool idea. Like had that. Wow, do I really miss that site. WE need a good chat or message board where we can more directly communicate with each other.

with you in the war,

I hope you find help in therapy Have you given thought to taking a DBT skills group. At least perhaps look into it.

I agree with you I would be lost without the internet, the chat groups have been my family for about four years now. I used to use Walkers but for some reason I am unable to log onto them right now. In their forums they had a live chat, ever so cool. If anyone finds another site like that let me know.
For now I am thankful for this site. I do not feel so alone. keep talking eveyone

hi Stormfan. and Polaris..There is an IRC chat room at:
They are health care professionals or anything on there, but they don't tolerate bad behavior...Pretty friendly crew...bunch of regulars there and people who come and go.

Youu might want to check it out.

I am not schizophrenic do you think I would be welcome?

On that chat? Probably not, to be honest…sometimes people get weird about that…But if you have another diagnosis just google it and “chatroom” (eg: “bipolar chat rooms”) anda list should pop up. You can probably find one for whatever your issues are.

Good luck.

Thank you for your reply I will continue to search for another great chat group.