The first day after being diagnosed with genital herpes. The

The first day after being diagnosed with genital herpes. The first night was really hard so I ended up turning to drugs to forget about everything, and repeated this morning. I got my medication for my first outbreak today, PMS-Valacyclovir two 500MG tablets, twice a day for ten days. Does anybody know how this medication reacts to recreational drugs? I am stopping the recreational drug use while on this but it is still very much in my system as I started taking the herpes medication a few hours ago. How long does the medication take to start working? What can I expect? Will I feel somewhat "normal" after the outbreak clears up?

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Once your outbreak clears up everything will look normal again, everyone is different when it comes to medication it just depends on how your body reacts to it. Just continue to keep being healthy and building your immune system because its something new and your body has to build immunity to it and soon the outbreaks won't be as bad or you might not have any at all but it all depends on your body. Make sure to take the medication exactly as how it's prescribed to you though

If you want to prevent and minimise the amount of future outbreaks you have, I would clean up your diet and lifestyle fast. Herpes strikes when the immune system is in a weakened or compromised state. Your diet and lifestyle choices have a direct correlation with your immune system's strength.

I know how you feel though, I was diagnosed about two weeks ago.