The hallucinations were they satan weren't they though

i swear they were real, the doctors say no! i know why they say no, but, ugh, i have been sick since i was 19 i'm not 39 i've had five hallucinations in these years each lasting a year. but here's the catch, the second hallucination lingered for 15 years a spirit was in me talking to me nonstop, i could not deal! and i hear voices of women yelling at me, you're crazy!!!! i had to pretend i was okay while attending school and work. talk about difficult. i was drinking, that didn't help. anyway, it's been 4 years that i know God and i swear i think i was being strangled by satan like i was being tested by him. some say satan tests us so we may resist and become more virtuous like our father God. i believe it.

Hello Boticelli,

Has a doctor ever diagnosed you with any medical condition? Perhaps there is an appropriate treatment for you.


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