The hits just keep on coming

Hey guys,

Today was a really ****** day and I just need to vent a bit. I hope you guys don't mind.

So my ****ing boss calls me into his office and tells me that they are cutting me from salary to contract so I "can keep my medical" (state medicaid because no company medical) and so I "won't have to worry about work as much".
I guess if I am going to get layed-off that was as pleasant a way to hear it as any. They are going to carry me for a few weeks at a reduced salary and then cut to "contract". What the **** ever, I'm not expecting any contract work anytime soon.

So now what the **** am i going to do. I can't see many employers wanting to hire an employee who very shortly will be unable to work at least 6 days a month for chemo if all goes well. Plus we all know how comfortable it makes others when you have no god damned hair or eyebrows. And this would be the optimal situation, I know I could react worse, making it even harder to get a job.

Sorry for the bitchfest guys. I just couldn't believe that happened today.

Anybody out there have any luck finding work while undergoing active treatment?

When I found out I took a medical leave from my job so there's nothing they can do right now. But who knows how long it will be before I go back. Stay strong Ryan.

Don't apologize, vent all you need to. But am I reading this right, is your job status changing because of your diagnosis? Are you really being laid off? I know what you're saying about the move to contract work, I get all that, I just don't get the timing, this just seems fishy. And borderline.



I'm reading it as a lay-off. You don't move somebody from salary to contract unless you are planning on not giving them much work. It is always more cost effective to use salary staff to complete a project because contract workers charge much more to off-set the fact that they have no job security. Plus, a contractor cannot file for unemployment because technically they are self-employed.

I completely agree. It is very borderline, but on the side that means there is very little I can do about it. Plus they are a small company, so there is very little reason to take it any farther. I just don't have the energy to focus on anything but my cancer at the moment. If this is being done for the wrong reason then I'll have to let karma take care of it.

I believe in karma very much it just sounds so fishy the company that I worked did the samething to me in the end it all worked its self out just keep focus on yourself Ross and keep me posted.

We're with you, Ryan. Take it a step at a time and it helps to vent, for sure!!

I know what you mean about fishy things happening. Right after Greg was diagnosed, our life insurance company called us up and said that we had to both give a physical. We'd been using that company for several years, and it just so happens they want a physical after my husband has started chemo?

We didn't take it very well and spent a good part of a day on the phone with the company. In our case, it had a happy ending and I was the only one that got the physical. But, still stressful and frustrating.

Prayers coming your way.

You're right RyanM, dodgy. Although it may appear like an open opportunity to seek retribution because of your employers seeming discrimination against bald folk, I think you are making the correct decision to just turn the other cheek and focus on your treatment. You particularly have a really strenuous time ahead and who knows what stresses will be involved in any legal action, especially when you're unsure it will result in anything worthwhile.

RyanM, vent away! No judgments here at all. Remember you have every right... none of us should be here. As lovely as it is to be on this site, we should never have to seek this kind of help.
Are you in USA? Do they have health assistance or low-income support? You're pretty on-the-ball, I'm sure you've already investigated that, but it might be different now given your changes of circumstance.

P.S. How did you handle it, when they told you at work? Just curious??

I am in the US and fortunatly state Medicaid is going to cover my treatment and I already have a few leads on some part time work. I don't like being in this situation, but I'm sure Ill be able to crawl out of this ditch at some point.

As far work goes, I choose to accept their story as being helpful for me and kept my true feelings to myself. I didn't see any benefit in making a scene. At this point its just not worth the added stress.

I appreciate all of you guys letting me ***** about it privately here.

I would contact an attorney. From what I hear that's some sort of discrimination. I have hl, stage 2b, and I am doing abvd treatments every two weeks. It doesn't lay me up for more than a weekend. My boss talked about part time and I told him that idea was causing me more stress. I would fight back an take em to court. Lack of hair and eyebrows will only be on ur favor in court.

Lol Cali, I love your last statement.

The problem is that they are a small company and it would be more stress and trouble then its worth.

At this point I believe that God has plans for me that don't involve that company anymore and quite frankly I'm OK with that. I was never going to realize my full potential at that place anyways.

As long as you are at peace with that. Ima fighter and if I can still pull my weight, I won't let anyone screw with my life. But to each their own. You haven't started treatment yet?

No, I have my lung function test and port installation this week and will be starting treatment next week.

You know its kind of funny because usually I am a scrapper as well. For some reason I just feel that letting this one go is the best move.

Have u done the bone marrow biopsy? Brutal.
The port makes u feel bionic. Ur just getting started. In essence, so am I. But I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

I'm with you all the way on that Cali.

I had my bone marrow biopsy on Friday so I'm still waiting for the results. We are a bit worried about it because the radiologist's report from my PET scan said that my lower dorsal and entire lumbar spine are involved and that it looks "worrysome" for bone marrow involvement.

I was thinking the same thing about the port :).

Yeah, my husband always makes jokes about his port. I've heard him ask Scotty to "beam him up" many times...

Lol @gregs wife! Really sorry to hear about ur situation Ryan... How did u figure out u had hl?

Gregswife--I love it :)

I went into the ER with severe bronchitis and the Doc ordered a CT because I had flown receintly and he needed to rule out a pulmonary embolism. The CT showed my lungs were clear but I had a nice sized mass in my mediasteinum. That was in mid September.

How about you Cali?

I felt my nodes in my neck near my collar bones had been swollen for months but didn't think too much about it. It wasn't until I returned from my disastrous and severely stressful trip to burning man--my first and will be only time--did I go to the doc with bronchitis. While I did have it in my lungs, the nodules weren't a good sign. Within two weeks, I was diagnosed, having my bone marrow drilled out of me, having the port implanted and receiving my first chemo treatment. Last weekend I cut most of my hair off and now I'm fighting a terrible sadness, nausea and insomnia.


This isn't exactly what I call fun.... At least I know I'm not alone.

I returned from bm on sept 6 and was having a node removed by oct. 4.