The Holidays!

How many of you HATE the holidays? I can't enjoy being with family or friends, without my entire focus centered on the dinner table, and how to avoid it!

Its def a challange!

I understand completely on thanksgiving it was really hard because i was starving and i wanted to eat but i only allowed myself a little food. i am looking foward to christmas but also dreading it.

Absolutely DREAD the holidays!! I have to remind myself though that its a time to celebrate my family, and it makes them happy to see me eat so i try and eat at least a little bit! Good luck though!! Praying for you <3


The holidays are so hard!! I feel the same as you do! Ready for the holiday to be over!

with you all on this. it's such a struggle between ED, ourselves and making the family happy. haven't been able to stop thinking about it since i knew i'd be with my family.
do you have ways of making it either for yourselves?
i usually take my own food and drinks (luckily my family is very understanding) although i think this year will be more of a struggle as im restricting so much again.
i always try to keep busy too, with helping out serving, clearing etc. and i go out for a walk when things get too tough. this year i'll certainly take my laptop and will be on here a lot too :-)

lots of hugs to everyone

OMG! I have to remember, I am new here. There I was, just typing away, revealing the ways, I have avoided the Holiday eating, so many times before. Then, I thought to myself, "You better not post that, it just might be the wrong thing to do!" I really need to learn the rules around here first! Honestly, when faced with the choice of eating, or pretending to eat, I always choose the latter! I will be under a magnifying glass this year. How can you be angry at yourself for NOT eating, and angry at yourself, for letting people down? Either way, you lose!

Love and Hugs!

i think the holiday (no matter which) make it very hard to distinguish between following ED behaviours and actual self preservation during such a hard time.
i know for me, either way i will have some ED behavior going. but for me it always feels healthier, stronger and less demoralizing to eat a bit, an amount that i can manage mentally, one that doesn't put me over the edge so that i end up purging. question is, where is that edge? i don't know because coming up to this xmas me eating has been the worst in a long time.

yes, ss, the holidays are very scary indeed. thank god for you lot!!