The impulse to contact her is unbearable, feeling lonely and

the impulse to contact her is unbearable, feeling lonely and motivation pretty low

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Withdrawal. Do you have a substitute who could hold you in their arms and with whom you can hang out with eg mum, brother, trusted can fill the gaping hole until the feeling passes..until the morning..when things can improve slightly.

One method is trying to keep your mind in the present. Staying in the now. A lot of my mental strength comes from concentrating on things that are around me. Staying away from the what-ifs and things endless possibilities that the future holds. I would suggest trying some Mindfulness exercises to keep yourself in the now. Especially with the kind of emotions you are going through now the trick is to just keep doing a lot of different things that engage your mind in different ways. Reading and writing helps, but putting my attention to the sharp point of a coloring pencil for 15-30 minutes helps a lot more. Keep on drawing without paying attention to anything else engages different parts of your brain, which is good. Later you go back to those emotions and start breaking them down.

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i went running last two days, but it doesn't seem to be helping, i think im isolating myself too much, i don't feel like getting out of the house, not good, i need to find new motivations that take me away from her

i just didn't expect this final discard at all, do you understand, sometimes in a relationship you sense there are problems and you subconsciously expect something, but not this time, we had great last months, Christmas was nice, i didn't expect this not even a little bit, the shock is too big

@creativeocean good morning… Well I went 7 days NC… If course he wouldn’t contact me well last night I texted him… Of course no reply… Went world he he has moved on… And living his happy life… I was dumb to think maybe he will text me back… Of course not… Read then this am again and if course I wrote I’m sorry… I deserve you hate me etc… Well guess what… I have come to this… I reflected all day yesterday the what ifs… Well he had just as much of a role in our relationship and just add much blame if not more for it ending!! I have to think yup his new love won’t last forever and we are good people to GOOD… It hurts like hell but there is someone out there that will treat us better!!! This does hurt and I have to keep saying why I’m i doing this when he isn’t… He don’t care… Cause they don’t care how much pain they caused us!!! It’s hard and we will move on

morning Itzjc1, im sorry for what you went through, yes, i know, i feel really bad last days, i had plans, dreams, a life with her, and she sent it all to hell just like that, in an instant, you contacted him and it didn't go well, but no matter how much i read, i know im going to contact her, i cant avoid it

@creativeocean well if you do you will be in the same boat as me… Why bother they don’t care they won’t write back!!! They don’t care!!! Mine had moved on… Your had to… They will never see anything from our point of view!!! I have written so much hoping he would see entering from a normal relationship stand point!!! They won’t!!! It’s not worth it… When they are done with you they are done… Mine nevetr stayed and hoovered and never will… He dunt care… Hopefully in time someone will break his heart… O wait he don’t have one!!! Never his fault ever!!! He has never giving a second chance cause he can’t… He would have too many questions to answer… No trust I figured him out and he didn’t like it!!! They are heartless!!! We need to stop looking back they are never coming back…