The Joy Project needs our votes to receive a 25k grant

Some of you may have heard of The Joy Project ( before. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit, grassroots organization based on the philosophy of using real-world solutions to end the epidemic of eating disorders. They work towards reducing the rate and severity of eating disorders by supporting and conducting research, education, and support programs. Some of you may have heard of them before. They are currently in the running to receive a $25K grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project ( for their "idea to change America", which is to fund a program called ROOTS OF RECOVERY. The goals of the program are to mimic some of the important features of an intensive outpatient program (minus the individual therapy and specific meal planning, because they are not licensed to provide those services). The extended support program is designed to give members the opportunity to socialize in a safe and
supportive environment, to teach them skills which they can use for the recovery process, and to encourage them to reach out to others. Planned activities include: Yoga, self-defense classes, dance classes, kickboxing, and other physical activity (for those who are medically
stable and wish to focus on physical activity that involves appreciating a strong body as opposed to simply burning calories), museum trips, movie nights, classes on basic nutrition, inspirational speakers, classes on assertiveness skills and building self-esteem, arts &
crafts classes.
As I post this, The Joy Project is currently 93rd in their category. They need to be in the top 10 to receive the grant. Go to and vote DAILY to help them
receive the grant they need! Voting ends July 31. If they don't make it this month, they may be eligible to try again next month, so make sure you vote every day, spread the word, and if they haven't reached the top 10, check back for them in August.

You can also vote with your cell phone by texting 100290 to Pepsi (73774)

I just learned that in order to be in the running next month, The Joy Project needs to stay in the top 100. They have now dropped to 94th place. Please continue to vote for them so they can have a shot at getting this grant!

The Joy Project has been given another chance for the $25k grant for their program. Vote daily either online or by text (or both) and spread the word!

The link I provided is incorrect. If you want to vote online, go to

Please make sure you vote every day. The Joy Project has slipped to 138th place. They need our votes!