The monster in the room and its name is coronavirus

The coronavirus is something we hear more about than any other topic, more than the election, more than gossip, just MORE. We get updates from schools, the gym, city officials, friends, family...hand sanitizer is being hoarded, masks are being bought up, mass panic is starting to set in and we are over here thinking, if we got this riled up about just about anything else, we could change the world. We are not saying that this is not tragic, because it is, and we are not saying that the loss of life is not horrifying, because it really is, but disease and death are out there every single day, epidemics and pandemics aren’t something new. However, when rich, first world countries start getting hit, the alarm tends to spread fast and loud.

So here is SG’s word of advice on the subject, don’t touch your face and wash your hands! Drink lots of water, nourish your body, and try to breathe slow and deep breaths. As long as there have been people on this earth, there has been disease, but rest assured because we have brilliant doctors, scientists and epidemiologists whose literal job is to make sure we don’t all die. That might sound incredibly blase, but there it is, and that makes us a lot less anxious, because we are all a little germaphobic to begin with and worrying about it doesn’t do us any good.

Dear members, there will always be something scary out there, we don’t have to look in closets or under our bed, life can just be overwhelming and scary at times. That just means that we don’t live on a movie set. Crises are not solved in a season or 120 minutes, it takes time. Hopefully some brilliant mind will figure out how to stop the novel coronavirus, but until then, rejoice that people are doing what they should, staying home when they are sick, washing their hands, gyms are sanitizing, schools are wiping down “high traffic zones” everyday (what a concept), people are taking germs seriously and that is excellent! Maybe we will all take away from this situation some seriously important health lessons.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Remember, fear doesn’t make you weak, it is a normal reaction, but crumbling under the fear is unhealthy. Post about what you are feeling, know you are not alone, we are all a little scared, but we can only do our best and right now, most of us are in places where we are supposed to go about our daily lives per usual. Take time everyday to access how you are doing, physically and mentally, take time to center your thoughts, read, do yoga, work out, meditate, go on a walk, go to therapy, take your medication and always remember, you are not alone, we consider it a honor to be here for you. Best-Team SG


Well written blog! All stay well, strong and safe!

Thank you @kate86! We are so pleased you found it helpful and supportive! Best-SG

Thank you! <3

Thank you for reading @Jbat70! Best-SG

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Thanks SG. Grateful for you all here.

We are grateful for you @LollyNews! Best-SG

All these poor people with the coronavirus I really hope they find a cure for this. It’s sad!

@kate86 It is sad and scary, but we can only hope the best and brightest prevail! -SG

Any groups to join regarding happy/positivity? I do find the other groups useful but I’d rather start talking about other topics instead of what triggers me/my problems. I am here to offer support, although any suggestions on a group involving what I spoke about above? Hugs and blessings!

@kate86 You can post about that anywhere on our site, we can all use some positivity! -SG

I was doing pretty good until we had a national speech about it. Now my anxiety and stress went through the roof. Just trying to remember to watch my hands and keep up with washing. Hand sanitizer make my hands/skin crack open. That would be worse. :(

Yea same my hands are very sensitive to the sanitizer alcohol and other products. Sometimes lotion helps.

Thank you for writing on this topic. I'm feeling really anxious today . . . it's good to come here and check in.

Yes support is great…especially what’s going on.

Thank you! European here. Been doing more or less well but when our little office got shut, it overwhelmed me no matter how many pills I took.
But you guys are right. We just have to try again tommorow.

@HT_A Where are you in Europe, how are things there? Any tips you can share as we are just starting shutdowns and isolation measures. All the best-SG