The next step

I went to my eval appt. yesterday to see about a better treatment option. I felt strangely comfortable to talk about all my issues, but then after I felt invaded. Nervous about the conversation and disappointed I have to wait so many weeks to see a psychiatrist..The counselor asked me for the link to this site and I am not going to give it to him. If he want to recommend on line group to his patients he can find his own. I mean why would I want to sit here and worry about every word I say for fear this guy could be reading it. I feel safe in the autonomy of this, and he should'nt have crossed that boundry. Still on band-aid meds..cranky.

namidev - how are you doing? i think it is a great that you went for an evaluation and i hope that you have had a chance to talk to the psychiatrist and they can help you in any way you need.