The Older I Get

Is it just me, or does the sex drive get stronger with age? I mean it's everywhere- can any man ignore an attractive woman flaunting her beauty? I live in Florida, it just does not stop, exposure has no off-season here. It's part of the reason I moved here long ago. I guess not being active sexually with my wife has alot to do with it. I work hard at staying attractive for my wife and for my own self esteem, but how long will I be able to remain the "ideal" husband & father? So many women lately make passes and flirt with me, but I am such a shy dog, I never take the bait. My situation is so complex, but in the meantime- can I survive another nearly 2 year drought if not longer? Sleeping in seperate beds/rooms, my hormones- I am knew here and would like female advice from real women with real opinons and experiences please!

Try to avoid certain situations where is a lot of exposure. Temptations are everywhere, but we should not put our self in that environment. Also, have a honest conversation with your wife and explain to her about your feelings, it will be helpful to you and to her. Wishing you all well. God bless you.