The person who abused me mentally is a parent to our childr

the person who abused me mentally is a parent to our children and has manipulated them for years to control me, whats the best way to approach them or should i not. going crazy trying to move foward

The best thing is to cease contact and get therapy for you and the child


@monkdown what do you mean? Do you have custody and do they have access to children? If co parenting all you can do is gray rock your ex and not let them see they are getting to you, you can warn them through solicitor not to treat the children like that as its emotional abuse to use them as weapon and you can get counselling for you and children to help understand. It helps to get advice about the best way to speak to the kids. I was told to calmly and rationally explain to my children that mummy won’t accept being bullied by anyone and like she always tells you if someone is mean to you then walk away and play with someone who is nice and kind to you. I did this without running him down (through gritted teeth at times) and they seem to get it