The reason I’m not weighing myself right now is because th

The reason I’m not weighing myself right now is because that number can fluctuate without there being any difference in the amount of fat that we have on us. It’s water.
So I’m finding it more beneficial to take my measurements. I mainly do my waist. And I just did it because I knew I had to find out where I’m at because I’m starting fresh.
Now it was a 34 a few weeks ago and now it’s a 36. And that is something I have been noticing when I look in the mirror. And that is more accurate for me. I need that number back to 34 ASAP and then continue down. My goal was to get to 29. And I thought I was 34 all this time
But the stress from the last few weeks caused so much extra eating that it came right back on.
Measuring in the morning is more accurate because I just ate but it wouldn’t go down 2 inches. I knew I was heavier around the middle. And when ((I’m in the deficit)) and I burn some fat, my waist will go down.
I don’t care with the number on the scale says right now. I want my stomach and waist to be smaller.

So I recommend having a measuring tape and taking all of your measurements and keep track. I’m going to do this later. I’ll just do my neck, hips and upper thighs.

When I cut out nuts, that help me lose weight really fast. I added them back recently and now the extra weights back. There are a lot of calories and nuts. So I just overdid the calories for too many days in a row and there you go. So if we gain weight from extra calories, then how do we lose weight? Cut out the fat because there’s a lot more calories in it. It doesn’t have to be all the time but the more you get used to eating something like potato or fruit the better because they are a lot less calorie dense. And then adding a lot more vegetables.
I think I went a month with eating very little fat which I usually eat from nuts and avocado and my weight went down. As soon as I added both of those things back ,it went back up.
The reason I know this is because I’m very mindful of what I eat every day so I can remember. And now catch it quickly. I’m not getting any worse. I’m stopping this craziness right now.
I’m not buying any more avocados or nuts. I’m going to eat less of everything and get myself in the calorie deficit and see myself go down.

You know we all feel better when we go down.
Let’s do it now.

Focus on things that inspire you. This is why I did the seven days and focusing on things we love. Because we can’t always be thinking about food. But we need to be mindful of what we’re having every single day.

Some people like to put everything that they’re going to have for the day out in front of them so they can see it. Count at the calories for that and no that’s all you’re having for the 24 hour period.
I am mentally doing that as I go because I know there is approximately 100 cal in an apple or a banana etc. And that’s why I know I’ve been eating way too much fat from nuts and avocado because I was going crazy with my salads. I make my own salad dressing. It doesn’t matter if nuts are supposedly healthy for this that and the other. If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t need them. Too many calories. Same for avocado. Don’t need it. I need fruit. And I may not always be in the mood for it, which is why I go to the potato, but all I am thinking at this point is drink a lot more Water, stop all the other BS and focus on doing this. Because I’ve done it and I can do it again. Stay focused on it. There are a lot of things going on and we can get distracted in that and that will take us down. I spent a few weeks doing that. It does no good. We need our health. We need a peace of mind. Health for me is mind body and soul. So I am doing this to take care of the body therefore taking care of my spirit and my mind.

Shutting everything down and listening to music. Meditate. Anything that you enjoy listening to or watching or doing. Lift your vibrations ,get outside and breathe fresh air and get sunshine.

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I so agree with the weighing thing, it is so varied!  I am trying to just workout, eat smart and just be okay with where my body is at.  Hard, but my goal nonetheless.  

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@CKBlossom hey there. I think that is a logical way to go about it.
I can feel today that this is definitely an anxiety thing for me right now. My AC broke in my house. Then my AC broke in my van. I am replacing the AC in my house but I have to wait two more days for them to come do it.
I’m eating just to calm my nerves. I wasn’t even hungry today and I still ate. I think I’m in my 1000 calorie range? As long as I don’t eat again till tomorrow.
And I could totally go to the gym to work out. I just haven’t done it yet. I want to fix the AC in my van but the mechanic told me to wait till next week because he’s too busy. Jesus. And he’s the best one I have. Not that he’s the cheapest but he’s close and he’ll bring me home because I have to leave my van there overnight. And if I don’t do that then I’m paying for an Uber which is expensive. It’s just stressing me out then my little Chihuahuas always want to play and I don’t have time for it. …lol…