"the system fails"

You should probably know that I’m breaking the (my) rules right now. Well, not technically, since I said I was never to walk through this door again, thus I came in the window… But, still, I hate complaining….but the intent is where to go from here?

The System Fails…

In the matter of urgency in the protection of life… all the necessary needs to “sustain life” for survival sake; one should not have to threaten suicide for that is an unlawful activity, or try it in getting attention for they may succeed. One should not, have to act on an injury of another so to survive another day at that cross road. How many times does a person have to ask for food, shelter, and assistance in heat too be denied.
They say this should not be… when your income is zero, with disability, try again and reapply, only again and again, you meet up with rejection…this does nothing for your mental health or general well-being.
Puzzled, now I sit by the window and wonder…what the hell will be in store in 2011… on a journey of time that scares me so… in a place that I thought I’d never be…
It’s the end of a very bad year… of a long list, and the new year hold’s no promise…tired, so very tired, and might have to sleep this one out…it is what it is … dam jerks!

Now don’t get me wrong… that I’m not in bottom of a pit, close but not there yet. I might be over the cliff, but hanging on the ledge for now… with high hope and spirit a life line will be coming…as I’m lol! Realistically there is no way to migrate off this ledge… and the discomfort, stress, anxiety, depression all takes it’s toll. In need of some knowledge I can use… when the “system fails”!

System fails millions & some dont get to voice their opinions, it takes all of us to find a better way of how to deal with it.

Good post.

Take care of you.


Hi Woodchuck, thank you for being here. I am sorry for the moment that you are in and for what you are currently enduring. But, if you can, try to look ahead to a future filled with hope, opportunity and optimism. Climb back onto the mountain off of that ledge. I know that you have wonderful things in store for you. Try to let go of the fear and turn that energy into hope and knowing that things will get better and better and better.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you tons of positive energy.