The theme of my life right now, I guess, is isolation. I fee

The theme of my life right now, I guess, is isolation. I feel isolated from my family, I feel isolated from any good friends... I feel isolated from my dreams, I feel isolated from God, should such a being exist.

Call it existential crisis? Identity crisis? Call it depression, negativity, something else?

Sometimes I can't relate my thoughts... I'm confident things will work out okay, but I have no idea what that means. So it goes.

What are some of your goals for this next year? what would be small yet meaningful steps to end the isolation?

Good timing, since the year is 2016 now :)

For one, I think this support groups site might help. I'm new here, don't have too much of a footprint or recorded story yet... just venting about life, I suppose.

As to goals, I honestly don't know for sure. When I say isolated, per se, it's not like I'm not talking to people. I just feel like I'm not really *connecting* with people, no matter how hard I try. So I get depressed about it, I guess. I tell myself to try harder, but, well, that doesn't usually work.

Maybe to find a faith-based community that regularly engages in service-based things? I really want to be altruistic with my life, maybe connect with decent people that way too, but gosh, the world's so complicated anyway.

I'm sorry if I'm too vague... or if my comments are just shooting from wall to wall.

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Thanks for replying, anyway.