The Virus - Antimal Doctor

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let you know about the virus my laptop got it's called antimal claims to be a anti-viral software and says that your computer is currently being attacked by a hacker.

It first sends in a virus and then the next virus is the antimal doctor that claims to clear that virus.

It looks very legitiamte. And it is a way of getting all your cred card details off you basically...and clearing your account.
Thankfully, it didn't get my details, but it did get the hard drive of my laptop and now the whole thing has to be cleared out and I've lost everything.

So please be aware of these and keep your anti-viral software updated...wish I had :(

Moongal x

PS I put it under stress given all the bloody stress it has caused me :p

I strongly suggest the following two products for protecting your computer:

1) Norton Antivirus. You only need the antivirus product and nothing else they try to bundle with it. The additional things they try to package are good tools but they slow your PC down.

2) Spybot. It is free. Also, you must manually run this tool. However, when you use this tool and Norton AV, you will be well protected.

I also suggest that if you use Internet Explorer that you set it up so it deletes its cache upon closing. To do this, please go to:

1) Tools and then select Internet Options.
2) Click on the last tab of the dialog box that is labeled Advanced.
3) Next, scroll down to the section called Security. You should then look for the option that reads “Empty Temporary Internet Files from folder when browser is closed.” Make sure this has a check mark in the box next to it.
4) Then, click OK.

thanks to both of you for the advice. i get why you put this under stress, it would stress me out too because i spend all day on the computer for work and everything. and it is scary to think that someone can access your personal information. Good to always be updated on new tricks that hackers are putting out there.

Moongal, I am so sorry for what you went through with your computer and the awful virus. My computer was acting up all day, thus it really stressed me out because I thought that it had a virus. I've been through this once before and it's a complete nightmare, so I feel your pain.

LuvsHeadMeds, thank you for the excellent suggestions. I need to get anti-spyware, as mine's expired.

I also try to back up all of my data every 4-6 weeks, but should definitely do it a lot more often.