Their dog has the biggest room in this house. We asked if we

Their dog has the biggest room in this house. We asked if we could move in there and move everything into our currently room and they said yes, if we can move the stuff. I have been trying to get the chance to clean that room for MONTHS. Obviously, I couldn't while I was pregnant and still can't now because they wants me to constantly clean and care for my child at the same time and if I stop doing one to do the other it starts a d*mn fight. I can't win and have no help unless I throw fit then I'm the bad guy and I feel like a horrible mother because I have to be a b*tch to get anything done around here and I hate that he has to witness that but otherwise I'm completely on my own trying to keep up with house work, taking care of an almost 7 week old baby, and fighting the sh*t in my head while there are 3 grown a$$ LAZY adults just in my way...

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No, you're not a horrible person. You're frustrated, because 3 grown up people who constantly upset you on purpose.

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@SimonaAlex I drank a whole bottle of strawberry Parrot Bay to avoid suicide last night and was still able to get out of bed and take care of Salem with no problems at all, but his dad, who was completely sober, sat up all night playing xbox and ignoring him. The baby got his shots yesterday and was running a fever after and he did nothing.