Therapy and medication doesn't heal-it helps

This article is what we have been saying for the longest time, therapy and medication help, they don’t heal, we need to work on ourselves, move move, eat better, get out into the sunshine, connect with others-which is what we are all about, and just care for ourselves and figure out what we need. Our bodies and our minds are really good at telling us we aren’t well, but we need to listen, do we need more rest, do we need to try a different medication, is our therapist actually helping, what do we need? Ask yourself this. Let us know your thoughts.

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You didn’t address how much sunshine? :slight_smile: sunburn hurts too =)

Moderate, wear a hat and sunscreen. -SG

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:sun_with_face: :crab:

So important to remember this is a tool, not a magic cure.

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It is always expected for things to happen immediately? I think i have adhd now. Do normal people have this problem or is it a mood thing?

You could of course have ADHD and should talk to your doctor about it, however medication takes at least a few weeks to a month to make a noticeable difference.

I agree with SG, it isn’t a quick fix, it takes time and if you think you have adhd, talk to a doctor about this and all the other things you are dealing with.

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