Therapy today, 6 months after discovery tomorrow. I am treat

Therapy today, 6 months after discovery tomorrow. I am treating myself to wine tonight. Three reasons. One- we rarely, rarely drink wine because it allegedly gives him a headache even though i love it. Two- it's cheap wine, because one of my new goals is to quit compromising my financial goals for my cheater's immediate gratification. I'm relishing the cheapness. Three- it makes me think of a period at the end of college when we were broken up. I was on a boxed wine kick for a few too many parties and festivals, and wine recalls for me those hedonistic early-20s years. Mmmmmm.... six months since my life ended, but I think only a few more weeks until my new life will begin.

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You go for it!

Good for you!

Update: I'm approximately 7ounces in, and officially kaput! My college self would be so ashamed!
(Falling asleep after two glasses and a full, sunny day with a walking, babbling toddler is more fun than those boxed-wine hangovers were, for shiz.)

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Now that's good times

No1, did you leave him or are you trying to get through this?

@Sdiamond1026 Neither :). I have him a chance or twenty to try recovery, but he just kind of wimped out. Now I’m waiting for a few logistical goals to fall into place before moving out.

So if he would have put in the effort, you would have tried to stay and make it work? I don't know your story or how many times he cheated or for how long, etc.

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