There is a grieving when a beloved family member betrays you

There is a grieving when a beloved family member betrays you ripping out your heart and soul. How do we come back from that. How do we rebuild our broken selves?
I've kept showing up but not to the level I should be. I'm tired of being strong.
Therapy is important but what if it turns out all they do is 'nod their head, mumble and scribble a few notes' and you never feel like anything changes, heals or lifts the incredible burden?
I have prayed, rung my hands, let myself be 'Open to the Universe' but still feel unfulfilled and hurting.
I'm considering consulting a Shaaman, Fortune-Teller, Medium, you name it -at this point.
Something has to change, we're not meant to live in PAIN for this long!
For the record; there are no beautiful little kids or loving pets in my life to divert me.

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You mentioned living oets, have you thought about adopting a kitten or cat. Or even an older dog ? I know they are work but they give back 110% and cats are pretty much super easy except their personalities LOL. They can tend to be little stinkers

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@Tropicalstorm hi, thanks I SO wish my place allowed dogs or cats (zero type of pets)…I struggled during covid trying for a long time -needing to move but there wasn’t a lot available to choose from. I had to make a decision and so…no pets.
I know how incredible they are, I grew up w them my whole life.
Do you know anyone who has successfully volunteered at an animal shelter and ended up actually interacting with dogs and cats, instead of just ‘cleaning out a zillion dirty cages?’ I know, I could try and then just leave but thought I’d get some feedback.

If you don't feel right with those therapist consider not making any more appointments with them and find another one. I'm sorry about the betrayal.

@Fohb460 thanks for your reply. I feel that today I may have turned a corner on being able to search specifically for a proper ADHD therapist. As an adult I check a lot of boxes and this could be encouraging.