There is one thing that I just like to say I have been on th

There is one thing that I just like to say I have been on this support group for 5 months and what I found that has gotten me through this after being totally devastated for about 2 weeks is that I have learnt a lot of information from people who has been great in providing sources of information and secondly by getting online and doing research about what the virus is about and what it means to me. these things have helped me realise that pepes is not the end of my life I can manage it I can still get on with doing everything that I used to do I can still have relationships and I will not be alone. I encourage everyone to try and learn about the virus because this can make a big difference for your overall health and well-being mentally and physically and it is a big way in terms of moving forward and accepting it

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Well said. Thanks for sharing and being here!


You are so great with your words! (:

I'm really just trying to help everybody here because there is a lot in life to be enjoyed and Herpe's isn't something that you should hold back on reaching your goals and dreams

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Well said!!!