There’s no point

i see no point in loving i’ve been smoking since the 8th grade i said i would go sober soon but i don’t want to because when i’m high i don’t have to feel things i can feel relaxed and happy. when i’m high i can eat i can eat without worrying about gaining weight but as soon as i stop being high i worry about how much i ate. sure it hurts my loved ones and makes them cry but i’m fine i don’t plan on making it far anyways so might as well enjoy

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As a newly weed smoker, i kinda get where youre coming from, my problem is a bit different. How old are you, if you dont mind me asking? Im 26 and ive smoked before but only last year when i started smoking more often, and i like it but i hate to think that im doing it to escape reality, i always thought i was better than this, better than the people who did it and now i see that im not and it’s ok. What do you eat when you’re high? And worrying about weight something that you always had? What exactly makes your loved ones cry?

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i’m 15 i started smoking at 13

You started a lot younger than i did, i smoked at your age and i didnt like it much, im always afraid of hurting my brain and it never recovering. I find funny how different we feel when high, i feel my whole body, maybe even the feelings more, i just feel more into and myself when im high then when im not. You didnt answer what makes your loved ones cry and being honest, you cant spend your life avoiding doing things because someone else will cry, you cant control the emotions of others, how they will feel. I try to be simple: do i want to stop smoking? If yes, i stop, if no i dont, although i would take your age in consideration, so i would.