There was a misunderstanding among my schoolmates

I had a very good reputation, respect and trust among everyone espevially girls in my class. So there was a time in my school when i just wanted to make frnds with a girl. I gave her a chocolate and asked her to take it. She denied it. Next day in school she said to all the girls that i gave her a chocolate and asked for a kiss. Since then everyone started hating me and felt cringe. They even started gossiping that i looked at them with bad intentions which i never had. Now they made a grp on insta after 5 years naming school buddies and nobody even cared to add me. After two days one of my male frnd added me who i dont even talk to much. And there i saw a girl calling me nerd. Like damn they stoll hating me. I feel like i cant even text in the grp like who would even talk to me. Why is it like this. Why does it have to be like this. I love all of my schoolmates so much i dont wanna lose them but theyre the opposite like they dont even care