There's looting and rioting 10 blocks away from me. The poli

There's looting and rioting 10 blocks away from me. The police have just started with tear gas. I wish there were something I could do to help. But I told my ex I wouldn't go out because of the covid exposure risk. I'm feeling so stressed out. My one psychiatrist asked me what I was anxious about and I said the racial violence and he said oh that's not a personal issue for you though. This should be personal for every white person. It sure is personal for every Black person. Why cannot people just open their eyes and admit that we are all racist and we all have benefited from the deeply entrenched racism that has built the US from its earliest moments? And be willing to atone, as individuals and as a whole? That's when real healing and equality can be possible. This world, this society is making us sick. No wonder people are depressed and anxious.

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agree. racism is stupid and the fact it still happens in 2020 baffles me.... people need to wake up

There are things that can not be reversed, and things that cannot be atoned for. ALL people are NOT racist, and not all white people are racist. Every ethnicity has members who are racist, and thankfully they are a minority.

Slavery was awful. But the US is not the only nation that ever had slaves. Every nation had slavery, and poor people of all skin colors were enslaved, including parents selling their children, and people even selling themselves into indentured servitude.

We don’t have slavery in the US anymore. The Irish, the Chinese, and other groups were horribly mistreated. Asians especially were the subject of prejudice because they can have such easily identifiable features. If you know any Asians, they will tell you that they frequently face bias and discrimination.

Did you know that Kamala Harris’s family owed slaves? Look it up—the information is available on the internet. Both black and white people owned slaves. But we are not in those days anymore. Most of us don’t know anyone (besides Kamala Harris) whose family owned slaves. Please remember that not all white people owned slaves, not all white people approved of slavery, and not all black people in this country were slaves.

I found out recently that the reason that one of the Founding Fathers didn’t free his slaves is because of the laws of his state. He could have freed his slaves, but his wife could not free hers because they were part of the dowry or inheritance or something. He hated slavery, but he didn’t want to break up the families because his slaves and his wife’s slaves had intermarried. So he kept the families together and kept fighting against slavery.

In this day and age everyone in this country, regardless of skin color and origin has opportunity. Affirmative action and mandated quotas have given people of color opportunities not available to whites. It is clear that there are still people who are biased against people who are different from them. But it goes both ways. I have seen Asians reject anyone but other Asians, Blacks reject other ethnicities, Mexicans reject white. I have even seen genuine black Africans reject American blacks!

It falls on all of us to be the best we can be. Be a decent person, do the right thing. React to people according to their behavior and the content of their character. Assume that we are all in the same boat, and set boundaries with individuals who prove to be dangerous or untrustworthy, not with individuals who remind you of other people that have been unpleasant.

We can get through this if all of us will stop thinking of US and THEM, if we will start focusing on goodness, kindness, and compassion.

Oh, yeah. And remember that the media is the great race baiter because if it bleeds, it leads. Don’t let them suck you in. They love to control the masses.. Don’t let them do it.

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hi guys. is it really the time to bring heated arguments to this group? stop it. you only make yourselves more anxious in this situation. let's just support each other. this is not the place

That's unfair...

I think a lot of people are angry right now. And probably staying home WAS the right decision. You avoided covid, and also avoided adding to the mass hysteria and outrage. Yes we are outraged that a person was murdered because of their skin, it's so so scary. And whether people are racist, or the victim of racism, black, white, chinese or muslim, can we all agree that people are afraid? The underlying emotion of hatred and anger is a sense of powerlessness. Racism is alive, people are afraid of eachother's fear and what that fear can do. I recommend a moment of inner stillness, and allowing the anger to dissipate. To look at people with different opinions and validate their arguments, and then state your own experiences also. We are going through an enormous collective awakening, Im not kidding you. And before awakening there will be a lot of suffering. We are all collectibely having the SAME experience. Grief, loss, shame, fear, fear of job loss, etc. Those who will survive will be the ones who can stay still. Do not go into the masses and beat everyone up. There is some major karma being served. We are all going through an enormous lesson of forgiveness. Beginning with self compassion.

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@Blueberries1234 Really appreciate your perspective.