These last few days have been good. Maybe having these thoug

These last few days have been good. Maybe having these thoughts for a few minutes, but it wasn't so spiked up or anything. But today I saw a video, it was Ariana Grande wearing something sexy. I was like "Wow, she's sexy and pretty." and that's not what my HOCD popped in, because it's normal to admit this. Suddenly, I imagined myself doing 'it' with her. I got a small anxiety attack. But I told myself 'it's okay, this is just a stupid phase and it will go away'.

But today, I got these visions again. And this time I could say I got turned on? Like not when I get turned on by guys, but maybe a bit. I was like: It's okay, I'm not bisexual.

But sometimes I just wonder: What if I am and this isn't a phase?

remember that NEEDING an answer fuels the OCD drive. Because if you do get the answer your OCD will say "yeah, but what if you are wrong". reassurance seeking is a sneaky compulsion. you can beat this!

Do you ever really get the answer while dealing with OCD though?

Instead of saying "It's okay, I'm not bisexual," trying saying "It's okay if I am bisexual." Leave it at that. You need to accept the possibility that you may be bisexual in order to manage ocd. It's something I'm working on as well and I know it's difficult, but we CAN ALL do this! :)

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