Things are going ok, admist everything going on in the Count

Things are going ok, admist everything going on in the Country of USA. I have been isolating more than usualy. Rain last 3 days. I did manage to get out this morning. Dealing with voices sucks. Sometimes they are encouraging and sometimes not so much. I sense i'm getting more paranoid. I guess i'll speak to the Doc about it. HA, answered my own problem.

I am sorry that things aren't going well, have you called your doctor?

i have not called yet. They have an online virutal care. I can send her a direct message if i need to. Thx CK

Yeah, it's rough what going on in the Country. Especially with covid-19. It was raining and thunder where I live. It would last early in the morning. I'm glad that you got out. Because of my mental illness, I don't go out and get fresh air. Because of my voices command me not to. It's horrible dealing with voices. Continue talking to your Doctor. Focus on a goal like maintaining Physical health and getting to your healthy weight. And once you do, buy some small dumbbells to lift weights.

@rod1985 thx for the tips Rod. I don’t leave my home much either. I mean do when only i have to, because nobody else will. Life as an Adult :smiley:

quick question Ferris even though you seem to have a tough grown up life. I wanted to know where do you learn all these social context from like from your previous posts "irritible and moody" and "irrational thoughts".

@Illvoices i’m always learning about mental health. I took a class for a year on DBT. It helped me quite a bit. I actually didn’t have a bad growing up more so getting older lol :smiley: But on a serious note my struggles mostly started in my early 20’s