Things have been getting hard to resist recently, does anyon

things have been getting hard to resist recently, does anyone have ideas for me to do instead of self-harming..?

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I'm no expert, these are just a couple of the things I have read before. Drawing on yourself with a marker pen, painting 'angry' paintings, writing down how you feel then tearing the paper to shreds.

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Hello, I've been self harming for many years. I know self harm is very addictive. Perhaps, you could try working out, going out in public where you can't hurt yourself, organizing rooms etc. try finding things that distract you from the urge of self harm. Attending martial arts or yoga class can help too. Good luck!

thank you! @selfharmer2017 @AndyUK

Drawing is a good one or writing in your journal...

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let me start by saying, you are special. you are an awesome person. you are to us, we're here to help u, why do u feel like harming yourself? talking/writing in a journal, reading the Bible, prayer...these things might help.

@Jill1981 thank you

@Ms.Peacemaker thank you so much, that means a lot to hear you say that. I guess I want to hurt myself because I just dont like myself very much, I've been self-harming for a long time now and its hard to stop. I've been hospitalized twice now because of it, and suicidal ideation.