Think I'll go back to therapy soon. Anyone ever had a th

Think I'll go back to therapy soon.

Anyone ever had a therapist actuslly solve their anxiety?

The last one I saw didn't help me any,honestly.

.. but I haven't been doing so well,and my relationships with the ones I love have been dysfunctional to say the least. I need help.

Solve my anxiety? No, but I recently went back to counseling myself and am finding it extremely helpful! She asks me simple questions, listens, connects dots, makes observations . . . she's been helping me look at my life and past and current decisions in an entirely different light and introducing me to new life skills.

I have had not good experiences in the past with a therapist as well and I didn't want to return to one for years. We have to remember that a) there are good therapists and bad ones b) it's kind of like a relationships--we're not going to gel with everyone and not all therapists are going to have what we need.

If you do return therapy, don't be afraid to try new ones if one of them is unsatisfactory. I'm happy I finally took the risk myself.

Wishing the best! :)

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Anxiety has no straight solution. Therapy will help you find what triggers the episodes. Then therapy can give thoughts on how to handle the uncontrollable moments.

I hope therapy will help you with your anxiety.

I think my therapist helped me enromously: she was Very Good! She got me started on mindfulness meditation, which gives me much better insight into what is going on in my head and how to deal with it. Gratefulness journalling was the other important step for me, because it got me into the habit of looking for the small, good things that are constantly happening around me. That's a great antidote to all the big, depressing stuff about which we hear so much. In short, she listened carefully to what I had to say, so her recommendations were very apropos, and she gave me quite a lot of "homework", so that our sessions didn't really stop at the 1hour mark. Finding a therapist with whom you really "click" is a bit tricky but, IMHO, well worth the effort. Good luck!

I've had a therapist greatly help me with my ptsd.