Thinking about getting a divorce but scared

hello everyone. I am a 36 male and been married for 11 years. over the last 3 years i havn't been happy at all at home. i have two daughters thats why i havn't left home sooner. i realy need to get out of this marriage i am so depressed it is not funny. don't want to do it during the holladays but i know if a wait any longer then i will stay longer for my girls. i am scared and don't know what to do

Hi Minime,
Sorry to hear you are unhappy and having problems. If you can please explain a little more what you are going through. I do know what it is like to want to get out of a marriage as you are unhappy. I am going through a similar situation and married for almost 25yrs.
I am hear for you if you want someone t0 talk to. Message me anytime.
When you feel you are up to it or even want to share more, it will help me to better know what you are going through.
Take care of yourself. Things will get better. Hope to hear from you soon.

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