Thinking about joining an online dating site again

But after my last experience i really don't want to join that site again, i have to keep positive outlook and i wont date girls in my area i am not into bars i don't drink so logically online is still my best option.

I was wondering if anyone can give advice on the best site you found so far or know of one that has a decent reputation or success. (Oh and no One Night Stands/Nigerians Love Fraud) Sounds easy huh haha.

Thanks in advance, Ð

I have done online dating for the past 3 years and have had one dissappointment after another. I have done,,, and Very few have made it past the 1st date and I have had two relationships from this. The first one lasted 8 months and the 2nd one lasted 3 months. I think that these websites are a good place to meet people but we all have the idea that we are going to meet the "one" on these sites. Most people on these sites, our age, have issues and baggage, myself included. I think all the sites are thte same, just different people. And some of the sites have the same people on them. I'm sorry i'm being so negative but this has been my experience. I'm also not a drinker so that is my reason for trying the online dating thing. All I can say is if you want to continue with this, don't expect much and if you do find the "one", it will be a pleasant surprise. I do wish you well. I am still looking but have chosen not to go that least not for