Thirdhand smoke in homes?

we've heard of secondhand smoke, but there may be thirdhand smoke in homes:

"When you move into a house or apartment, you could be putting yourself at risk for what’s known as “thirdhand” smoke.

The tobacco council says pollutants from cigarette smoke may linger long after a smoker moves from a house.

When non-smokers move in, they absorb the toxic chemicals, even if the home has been vacant for months. "

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well thats probably true when u think we have lived here ever since we were married the walls and fixtures have probably held some toxic things over the years even the paint that we use nowadays is an improvement on those in the past, we had the ceiling tiles that were deemed bad for the health so down they came the lead paint for the radiators off that came so smoke no it seems to be quite sensible really

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
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