This feeling has got to go

Since being diagnosed with HSV2 a few weeks ago I can't seem to get rid you the itchy feeling on top of that my vaginal area always feels dirty no matter how often I shower. I'm not having an outbreak or at least not a visible one but the dirty-itchy feeling is still there. Is this all in my mind? Does this feeling ever go away? What should I do??

The first outbreak is always longggggg...took about 4 weeks for my new skin to show and it still felt like something was not as usual. After 6 weeks I can say it stopped annoying me.

You may also be having a yeast infection or maybe you're showered too often, too much soap, and you're just reacting to that. I suggest you just leave the area alone and give it a little time. It does get back to normal.

Thanks for the advice. I was on Valtrex for about 15 days but decided to stop taking it because I had lost about 5lbs due to the nausea caused by the meds. My doctor isnt very helpful she more or less looked at my lab work told me I had HSV2, prescribed the meds, told me not to worry and sent me on my way. I'm not sure if getting off the meds was a good decision or not. Do you have any advice on daily suppression therapy? Have you never heard of Medavir and does it really work?

the side effects usually go away. i itched really bad at first. not sure if it was the virus or the valtrex. i decided to suck it up and take benadryl for the itching. it went away. if you are nauseated on the meds take it with food and possibly at night. the nausea may also be due to anxiety. i take valtrex daily. i have only had one episode of the hsv1 flaring up on my mouth but other than problems.