This guy and I had a situation. We dealt with one another la

This guy and I had a situation. We dealt with one another last year April then he backed off for a couple months then came back then backed off came back our work schedule was conflicting we lost touch again.. I couldn't get him off my mind and that's rare for me. I went to his house left a note he called me. We talked he backed off again then I would call he wouldn't answer my calls then I stopped after a week or two. He came back he wanted to buy a truck for me he was complaining and someone called for it..I dropped the truck off he didn't say anything when we made it back to my house. I asked for a hug he said OK drove off wouldn't answer for two months. Then in Aug he came back different than ever before.. he wanted to know me. He came over everyday we went on our first real date. We talked when he drove trucks over night. One day he asked me to have a baby I laughed it off thinking he was playing. End of September I don't remember what happened I say things not intending to harm but he is a Taurus so am I. . He pays close attention. He said he's done we didn't talk a week. I popped up to his house he told me I looked pregnant and I told him no. Mind you I use to say if I was ill never tell him. I was kidding. He was so nice and sweet. He went on the road for a month he got distance but he was training. When he came back he came straight to me after he saw his daughter. He has issues with his daughters mom and seeing his child. Moving forward. He asked me how long before I am in love with him I told him you answer that he said he already has love for me.. he got distance again then I went popped up and we were OK. Then he told me one day leave him alone I blew him up all day everyday for two days I shouldn't have because he would have been fine after a day.. that's how he deals with things. He wouldn't talked I popped up he flipped out I left tried two days later he flipped out changed his number text me from new number then changed it again..there's more to the story. But I just want my friend back. Everything else idc what can I do..I sent him a gift today his dad meet me. And a letter apologizing for my actions and agreeing that we need some space. . I just hope I didn't ruin Ithe. . Can't talk to family I know I need to focus on me

from what you describe, it sounds like he is not even sure about what he wants, and that space might be what he is asking for? what are your thoughts? what does the group think?

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I'm trying to not be so overbearing and understand how he deals with personal issues. I myself was told we are one in the same and it's been a week since we spoke and I'm starting to notice how he feels because I want to be alone and my mother calling gets to me because I'm trying to clear my head. I just want to go to his house and talk to him as bad as I want to go today because I say his Christmas gift on the porch..he was home. But I'm not ready just yet. I just hope he's nothe gone forever. What you think