This has been an awful day. I know I should be thankful to h

This has been an awful day. I know I should be thankful to have a house filled with family, but as usual when my family gets together it's always chaos. The day started off with my parents arguing then my aunt and my brother in law got into a massive screaming match before dinner and finally my mother pulled me in to the bathroom and scolded me like a five year old for embarrassing her by bringing up a forbidden topic....mind you I didn't know the topic was forbidden. Worst of all this day isn't over we still have desert and coffee to finish. God I wish I wasn't here ;((

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Hello :) Family get-togethers can really be a hassle. Is desert over yet? Did you leave any for me? :P

@I people are still here :(.
God I’m just so over having 20 family members running and screaming around my house. Plus all the arguing and yelling I can’t stand it.

Twenty nice people for Thanksgiving could be lovely. But your 20 relatives don't sound like nice people. Arguing, screaming, insulting each other. Yuck. So sorry you had to go through this today.

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@L2015 the only thing that saved my sanity somewhat was talking on the phone to my boyfriend between appetizers and dinner. I swear without him I would have over eaten or binge drank wine. Instead he made me laugh. If I’m thankful for anything today, it is having him in my life.

Yes, he sounds wonderful.

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@L2015 I wish there were more people like him in the world.

@kaamini they always behave this way but I still don’t like it. Every family function leaves me in tears and my stomach in knots.

@kaamini This is sound advice :slight_smile: I would probably do this if my family gave me as much hassle.

Well we've only been together six months, but he's told me in a year 1/2 he will move to NYC for me.

@Jdyankee Okay then. It is wise to not rush it. For now, the best thing might be to just hang in there, knowing that things will change for the better eventually. Keep yourself occupied in the meantime.