This headache is killing me! It feels like someone is stab

This headache is killing me!!! It feels like someone is stabbing me in the side of my head... I am not sure how much longer I can put up with this!!! It feels like I have tried everything including the kitchen sink...

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lie down in a dark room?

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hey how you tried yoga?

As for someone how has them 24/7. I do take medication for it but I still get bad ones. I pack my head with ice. Dark room, dark sun glasses if needed to watch TV. My doctor laugh when I was in the hosiptal and seen my sun glasses on. I told him I do that at home in my dark room so I can watch TV. You can only sleep so much. ((Hugs))

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@mouton73 Thanks, if it doesn’t get better soon I am going to head to another hospital that I have been communicating back and forth with… It sucks because the medications that prescribe that actually works, insurance will only cover about two days worth and won’t refill it till another week or two… But thanks. I might have to try sunglasses…

have you tried yoga or meditation for your headache ?